yMIDI Toolbox

yMIDI Toolbox is a Windows Universal App that enables you to create custom MIDI controller interfaces using a palette of controls. Like yMIDI, with yMIDI Toolbox you can control any DAW software or hardware using the RTP MIDI protocol for remote connections or local MIDI ports for local connections. Remote connections can be made to any DAW software running under OSX or a Windows PC which has the rtpMIDI network stack installed. If you need to install rtpMIDI, you can download it from from here.
yMIDI Toolbox is available from the Windows Store

yMIDI Toolbox runs on any hardware that supports Windows 10, including Windows 10 mobile devices.

yMIDI Toolbox's palette of controls include:

Arrangements of controls and their MIDI connections can be saved as profiles and later restored.